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Limited-Edition Mary Kay® Moisturizing Spray Lotion- Coconut Water

4 fl. oz.

3 200 ТГ

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Refresh your skin and your senses with this moisturizing spray lotion in a delightful coconut water scent.

  • Feels moisturizing, cooling and refreshing.
  • Lightweight formula dries quickly to an invisible finish.
  • Not sticky or greasy.
  • Energizes skin.
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth, supple and soft.

Available while supplies last

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Limited-Edition Mary Kay® Moisturizing Spray Lotion- Coconut Water

Transport your senses to a tropical paradise with this refreshing moisturizing spray lotion. The coconut water scent relaxes you into an island state of mind while the cooling spray feels luscious as it soothes and invigorates skin. Keep in the refrigerator for an enhanced cooling sensation. NEW moisturizing spray lotion is part of the limited-edition Mary Kay® Paradise Calling Collection – spring/summer’s must-have makeup for eyes, lips and nails that expresses the exotic allure of the season.