Mary Kay® Lash Love Discover What You Love LE EU Only

.28 oz

5 400 ТГ

Бұл өнім жоқ

Барлық баға ұсынылған бөлшек баға болып табылады

  • Сипаттамасы
  • Жағу әдіс
  • Негізгі қосындылары
  • Құрал қалай жұмыс істейді

Mary Kay® Lash Love Discover What You Love LE EU Only

Lash Love™ Mascara is much loved for the way it makes your lashes look – fuller, lifted, multiplied. Now, you’ll love it even more for the way it looks! The fun, flirty packaging is simply irresistible with its whimsical heart and love-kissed design. The designer, Mary Kay Creative Director Priscilla Ober, took a cue from global fashion houses to create packaging that makes a fashion statement all its own.

Жағу туралы кеңестер

  • Pull wand straight from the tube without swirling or pumping.
  • Place brush at base of lashes and sweep up from root to tip.
  • For longer, fuller-looking lashes, quickly reapply one or two additional coats.

Негізгі қосындылары

  • Mary Kay® Panthenol Pro Complex™ includes provitamin B5 (panthenol) and phytantriol, ingredients commonly used in shampoos and conditioners that together attract moisture from the air and bind it to hair. When used in mascara, this complex adds moisture to eyelashes and helps make the mascara easier to apply.
  • Vitamin E – an antioxidant known for its moisturizing and conditioning benefits

Құрал қалай жұмыс істейді?

  • Flexible, sculpted brush. The brush reaches even tiny, hard-to-reach lashes and wraps them in color. It features a single, sculpted piece with short and long spokes that are perfectly aligned to separate one lash from the next. The short spokes deliver just the right amount of the formula, while the longer spokes comb it through, depositing it evenly on the lashes. Plus, it’s designed to eliminate clumping.
  • Exclusive complex adds moisture to eyelashes. The exclusive Mary Kay® Panthenol Pro Complex™ includes two ingredients — pro vitamin B5 and phytantriol — which are often used together in hair care products. The formula is also enriched with vitamin E, widely recognized for its conditioning benefits.