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Beautifully defined eyes light up with high-impact color.
  • Intense color payoff.
  • Doesn’t drag, pull or skip.
  • Easy to control.
  • Creates precise lines from corner to corner.
  • Doesn’t fade, smear or flake.

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Mary Kay At Play™ Bold Fluid Eyeliner

Whether you go for a basic eye look with a fun pop of color or an all-out, multicolored work of art,

Mary Kay At Play™ has you covered with high-impact bold fluid eyeliners. The ultrathin, flexible eyeliner helps create precise lines with color that dries quickly and stays put to keep you on the go. It brightens eyes and provides dramatic definition that’s easy to remove. Mix and match with any At Play™ color for a trendsetting look you’ll love.

Советы по нанесению

Basic Application

Start at the outer corner of the eyelid and work toward the middle of the lashline, then finish the line applying from the inner corner of the eye to meet where you left off. Use small sketching motions, or try drawing small dots directly along the lashline and connecting them, to help draw an even line.

Cat-Eye Application

Step 1: Follow the natural upward curve of the eye and draw a short line as your guide.

Step 2: Start at the outer corner of your guide and work back toward the middle of the upper lashline to create your “wing.” Fill in the wing.

Step 3: Complete the cat eye by drawing from the inner corner of the eye to meet where you left off.

Ombre Application

Go for a bold, multicolor look: Use one color on the upper lashline and create a color gradient with two or three different colors on the bottom lashline. Use the darker color on the outside of your lower lashline and blend to lighter shades toward the inside corner of your eye.