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Mary Kay® Limited Edition High Intensity™ Sport Hair & Body Wash

192 мл

3 100 ТГ

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This multitasking hair and body wash features the fresh, invigorating scent of MK High Intensity™ Sport Cologne Spray.

  • Top Notes: gin berry and icy bergamot are cut with a shot of liquid oxygen accord.
  • Middle Notes: cool cardamom, crushed mint leaf and violet pepper.
  • Bottom Notes: wild birch bark and amber.
  • Pair with MK High Intensity™ Sport Cologne Spray for a great gift.

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Limited-Edition† MK High Intensity™ Sport Hair and Body Wash

Some Dream It. He Lives It ™. High Intensity™ is for the rugged competitor who loves a good challenge and dares to live it. He’s a risk taker … always looking for a new adventure. “Fear” is not in his vocabulary. He’s driven and always pushes through any obstacles. He’s extreme … living life on the edge. He’s bold and lives each day his way.