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Mary Kay Gloss Lip Stain

.14 fl. oz.

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Moisture-rich, long-lasting lip stain provides full-coverage, high-impact shine for an ultraglossy look.
  • Nonsticky, lightweight formula glides on smoothly and easily.
  • Stay-true color does not feather or bleed.
  • Keeps lips feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.
NOTE: In electronic media, true colors may vary.

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  • For precise application, sweep color from corner to corner until entire lip is covered.
  • The product will stain the skin once applied. For unwanted application, remove color with a tissue or a clean, damp cloth immediately.
  • This product will look best on (and apply better to) healthy, exfoliated lips. Use Satin Lips® Lip Mask before applying for best results.
  • Do not apply Satin Lips® Lip Balm or other lip balms/glosses before applying this product.