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Mary Kay® Thinking of Love Body Lotion

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Layer on a little extra love with this perfect companion to Thinking of Love™ Eau de Parfum.

  • Imparts the fresh, modern Thinking of Love™ fragrance on the skin.
  • A luxurious indulgence before a romantic date or anytime you want to feel lovingly pampered.

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Limited-Edition† Thinking of Love™ Body Lotion

Pamper yourself with this luxurious body lotion that sets the stage for loving moments and memories. For a lingering scent, use with Thinking of Love™ Eau de Parfum and limited-edition Thinking of Love™ Shower Gel.

†Available while supplies last

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Massage into skin. For best results, apply to damp skin after shower or bath and layer with Thinking of Love™ Eau de Parfum.