Belara® Eau de Parfum Wand

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Mary Kay® Belara® Eau de Parfum Wand

“You search for today’s challenges with an eye on tomorrow’s achievements.” For the professional, realistic, passionate, bold, confident and motivated woman. She knows what her goals are and how to achieve them. She seeks life’s challenges. She knows how to play up her strengths.

Жағу туралы кеңестер

The skin is warmer on the pulse points – neck, wrist, bend of arm and back of knee – which helps the fragrance to evolve and provide a better sensory experience. So apply your fragrance to these areas.

Негізгі қосындылары

The Top Notes:

San Joaquin Fig, Wild Bilberry, Opal Lotus Flower, Pittosporum Blossoms

The Middle Notes:

Stargazer Lily, Southern Indian Tuberose, Snowdrop Flower, Chamomile Petal, Golden Acacia Blossoms

The Bottom Notes:

White Poplar Bark, Milky Sandalwood, Cotton Musk

Құрал қалай жұмыс істейді?

The scent of a fragrance can change throughout the day. This is because different ingredients come into play at various stages of the fragrance’s life on the skin. Perfumers distinguish between the various stages in three ways:

The Top Notes:

These notes introduce the fragrance and can last up to 15 minutes.

The Middle Notes:

Also known as the heart of the fragrance, the middle notes unfold and develop a few minutes after the perfume is applied to the skin. They appear after the top notes disappear and can last throughout the whole fragrance experience.

The Bottom Notes:

These create the final impression and also the most lasting. They can last several hours after the fragrance is applied.